Using Numiscadero as a regular dictionary in English

You can use Numiscadero (and most any English-to-Spanish dictionary) as a regular English language dictionary by flipping through the pages using key words. For example, if you do not speak much Spanish and want to learn more about tokens, first go to the English to Spanish glossary. Under ‘Token’ you will see the Spanish word for it, ‘Ficha’ along with more details in Spanish. Now go to the Spanish to English glossary to the word Ficha, and there is a half page in English noting types of tokens. This procedure works for hundreds of other terms: Want some details about coins? See Moneda. Silver? — see Plata, Gold? — see Oro. Etc. And so on.  Bit by bit, your high school Spanish will come back to you as well!

Some terms in Numiscadero (and other English-to-Spanish dictionaries) do not have direct word-for-word translations to the other language. In this case you may need to read through initial definitions in Spanish and see if you can spot a key Spanish word or two. Keep in mind that in Spanish the adjectives follow the words, For example, Olympic medals are medallas olimpicas.  


Any comments or questions can always be sent to me. I will do my best to research the issue and get back to you. If you get in a jam, send me an e-mail and I will try to help you out.


The only book that comes with a free goblet of fine Spanish wine

or a hot cup of bracing espresso coffee 

When you come to Spain plan on visiting the Royal Mint in Segovia built in 1583 under orders of King Felipe II. This pet project of his is now a fully restored granite complex with a growing numismatic museum inside.  We can enjoy a drink there or in the shadow of the Roman aqueduct in the center of the small city.


The Madrid Mint Museum in the heart of the national capital city just an hour away from Segovia is well worth seeing too. Every Sunday in Madrid’s Plaza Major there is a coin and small antiques flea market with dealers large and small.

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