Numiscadero Errata & Additions

Acanalado   A term used for a reeded edge in the Argentina coin catalog produced by A.J. Cunietti-Ferrando in the mid 20th century.  New entry.


Acero cromado   Chrome steel, and a term often used to refer to stainless steel.  New entry.


Adarme   (Second definition new entry)  2. A silver ½ real used in Costa Rica in the early 1800s.  (1966)


Alcación    Production error – void the entire line.   See: Aleación

Alcancia   Money box  (New entry)

Aluminio   and but ONE OR THE OTHER  

Armiño   An obscure possible alternate name for
the armellino coin of the late 1400s Spain.

Calando or calcando   Unconfirmed words for
a rubbing or engraving.

Cambio de moneda a la par   Corrected term,
rather than Cambio a la par de moneda.

Chirola     Spanish American slang for a low value coin.   

                     New entry.

Contalor …  Rather than contador. A misspelling for an inspector or comptroller.

Contrasello   Rather than contrasella.  A misspelling.

Contraseña   A countermark on a coin or document.  New entry.

Cuartilla    Text correction: The city of Bogotá has an accent over its last a.

NOTE: The corrections and additions below show that there is a close tie between the words for blacksmithing and counterfeiting, just as in English the word ‘to forge’ has both meanings.   P. 79

Falsario   (Second definition new entry)    2. A forger or counterfeiter.


Feria   Last word in this entry is spelled menudo not menuda.


Forja   Replace  ‘Forging, counterfeiting or falsifying with: A place where intrigues are plotted.


Forjador  (Second definition new entry)     2. A blacksmith


Forjar   (New entry)  To counterfeit or create fake coins.


Fraguador   Someone who counterfeits or makes fake coins.


Giro   A draft drawn on a bank. Such drafts were circulated in Buenos Aires before paper money was in regular use. At the time customs receipts, merchants credit documents served as currency along with the drafts. (1966)


Medallion   The Potosi piece is not a medallion – just a medal in an enlarged to 80 mm in the photo.


Moneda de cabildo   (New entry) A type of paper money. Cabildo means city hall or administrative council.   P. 106

Níkil   (New entry)  An odd, uncommon spelling for nickel, or níquel.   P. 113


Running cash   (New entry)   The first Bank of England notes were little more than hand-written receipts for money that customers had deposited at the bank. When printed notes were introduced, these followed the overall design of the handwritten notes, with a deceptively simple style of black calligraphy against a white background.


Tamaño   Added information: It literally means ‘size’ and in coin collecting is often used to mean diameter.


Travia   An error?  The word for streetcar is tranvia.


Urraca   (New entry)   A name that Panama considered using for a 10 balboas gold coin planned in the 1960s but not minted.  The name is that of an Indian leader to battled the Spanish, not the medieval queen in Spain.

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